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Aloe Vera is known for its various medicinal properties, and it’s no surprise this soothing plant has been used as a medicinal compound since ancient times. It is an easy to grow plant yet requires proper care due to its sensitive nature. Here, in this guide, we have mentioned several tips on how to care for aloe plant that will surely help you take care of your plant.

We all know that aloe has several health benefits, and using it daily makes your immunity strong and your skin healthier. White gel is the main element that is obtained from this plant that is used to cure various diseases. Aloe vera gel is widely used all around the world in raw as well as compound forms. With all these benefits, aloe plants can be a great choice to be grown in your garden.


How to Care for Aloe Plant

There are more than 100s of aloe varieties found all over the world. Its most common variety is called” Medicinal Aloe Vera,” which can be planted in gardens, Pots, or Soil Beds. Providing the proper care and nutrients, this plant can live for several years.

how to care for aloe plant

If the aloe vera plant is not served with adequate environment and care, it easily gets affected by diseases. We have mentioned certain factors that help to take care of the aloe plant.

Soil Mix Needed for Aloe Plant

Soil mix is the basic need for every plant as it determines their overall growth. Being a succulent, aloe vera loves airy and well-drained soil. This type of soil can be easily purchased from the market or prepared at home. Potting mix that most of the professional gardeners prefer for aloe plants is in the ratio of 2:1 (i.e. approx. 60% River Sand and 40% Normal Garden Soil)

Weather & Light Conditions for Aloe Vera

It is found in places with tropical and desert climates. Hence it requires a huge amount of sunlight. When planted outdoors, aloe plants can be placed anywhere to get a good amount of sunlight. For indoor conditions, it should be kept in a place that receives at least 4 – 5 hours of sunlight every day. To eliminate sunlight deficiency, we can use artificial indoor growing light.

Watering Tips to Water Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants do not need regular water as their leaves can store water. Once the soil looks dry, plant should be watered thoroughly till the water reaches the lower part of the plant.

Aloe Watering Tips

Regularly watering the plant may cause roots to rot, and eventually, the whole plant will die. After watering, we must make sure that the excess water drains from the pot to prevent root rot. Overwatering is also a problem that may cause leaf loss.

Aloe Plant Care Indoor

For indoor conditions, we should water aloe plants once in multiple days when the 1 inch of the topsoil feels dry to touch. If you want to grow plant indoors, it will most likely be in pots. The pot should have drainage holes so that excess water can drain easily.

aloe plant indoor care

If there are no drainage holes at the bottom of the pot we can use gravel or marbles to keep the soil from being oversaturated with water. Using led growing lights can be a good alternative to provide the plant with sufficient light for healthy growth.

Nutrients for Aloe Vera Plant

Naturally, aloe vera is found in deserted and dry regions, due to which the demand for any additional nutrients or fertilizer of this plant is very low. Yet, organic fertilizer can be added to it during the growing season or during summer season once a month to enhance its growth and protect it from diseases.

aloe vera benefits

Add some vermicompost as it is an organic fertilizer rich in essential plant nutrients. When it comes to how to care for aloe plant, nutrient values play a major role. NPK fertilizer can be added to the plant when the need arises. We can add a small amount of pesticide to prevent aloe from diseases.

Aloe Vera Plant Care Tips

It is a plant that does not require much care or attention, and small care can help it grow healthier and live for a long time. It requires an ideal temperature of 70°F during the day and 60°F at night. Temperatures higher than this may cause leaf loss, while lower temperatures will cause the aloe to become dormant or die. Aloes are not fond of cold drafts, so it is best to look for a suitable location in the home where they can thrive. Below are the steps to help your plant grow healthier.

how to care for aloe plant

  • The soil mix should be airy and well-drained so that the excess water can escape easily.
  • Aloe Vera plants should receive a good amount of sunlight for healthy growth.
  • We can add NPK fertilizer periodically to fulfil the nutrient needs of the plant.
  • If planted in a container, there should be sufficient drainage holes at the bottom.


The aloe vera is an ideal house plant which requires less care and maintenance. It can be easily grown from seeds or propagated from its leaf. Here we have compiled a brief guide on how to care for aloe plants that will surely help you with all your queries related to the topic.

We have searched all over the web to provide you with an appropriate guide. If you have any further questions related to the topic or find anything missing, do let us know we will surely try to rectify it.


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